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Sophie Has a Secret
 is 147 pages of an inspiring story about how Anna and her friends deal with challenges that today’s children are confronted with. It is written with humor and a light-hearted mix of drama, soft emotion, courage, and resolution. Using amazon’s rating scale, Sophie Has a Secret, according to reviewers, would be 4/5 – “a very good book, loved it and would highly recommended it.” Written for the fourth and fifth grade level.

Sophie Has a Secret

After going to the movies with their parents and watching the feature film A Dance for Bethany, Anna and her friends begin to become aware of one of the most important issues and dangers confronting American children today.

Anna learns that there are good secrets and not so good secrets when Joshua tells her that something really bad happened to his younger sister, Sophie.

Even though she makes a pinkie swear not to tell, even her BFF Maria, Anna struggles to do the right thing. Does she break her pinkie swear or does she keep it? Learning about trusted adults and not trusted adults in Blue Ribbon Week at school helps Anna decide what to do.

Sophie really wants to talk about what happened to her, but is afraid to, so she doesn’t talk at all, except a little bit at home.

Children should read Sophie Has a Secret with mom’s or a trusted adult. That way they can explain some things that aren’t really talked about in this book.


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