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Anna’s Friends Tote Package – $ave!

This colorful Anna’s Friends Tote Bag is filled with all the tools that you and your children will need to begin the journey to discovering their God-given motivational gifts in one fun bundle.

Here’s What’s Included:

Anna’s Friends Tote Bag: This large 15 x 16 bag includes side pockets for small items, front purple pouch with picture of Anna’s Friends for flat items, and a zipper top closure to protect the items within. Pack your clothes for sleep overs, day trips, and more:  Click Here for details on the tote

Workbook – A Parent’s Guide to Understanding What Motivates Your Child: While children are reading the Anna’s Friends books, mom and dad are reading this 160+ page workbook learning about the 7 motivational gifts, completing discovery check lists to determine which gift is primary, and mapping a plan to develop your child’s gift:  Click Here for details

Books #1 through #8 of the Anna’s Friends Books Series: In this series of 8 books, children will go with Anna, Hiro, Maria, Cayden, Jesse, Sarah, and Daniel from the end of second grade to the beginning fourth grade.

Book #1, The Assignment, introduces all of the children.

Books #2 through #8 are all written from the perspective of each of Anna’s Friends based on their God-given motivational gifts. Their are 7 gifts and 7 kids.

Each possess one of the gifts and has a story that brings out the gift in fun and practical ways that all can understand and apply to their individual lives:  Click Here for details

Color Me Love Coloring Books: These two coloring books contain the illustrations from the Anna’s Friends Children’s Book series.

These are  not only coloring books, but created to develop cognitive learning skills.

There are multiple choice questions about each illustration and fun puzzles at the end of of the 8 sections. Crayons included:  Click Here for details

Anna’s Friends Love to Pray: My Personal Prayer Journal: Help your child develop their personal relationship with God.

Children write down their prayer requests and can later write down what they perceive to be the answer in the space provided.

Example: Prayer request: I asked God to help me find my green t-shirt. Answer: I found it under my bed when I was cleaning up my room.

FUN STUFF: You can get the ENTIRE ANNA’S FRIENDS COLLECTION INCLUDING ALL BOOKS IN THE SERIES, 8 each of the Anna’s Friends book marks, rainbow pencils, and stickers, with Anna’s Friend’s TOTE BAG.



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