Curriculum 3rd to 5th Grade





A Curriculum for Teachers of 3rd to 5th Grade, is a revolutionary program that will help educators and parents identify the God-given motivational gifts of their students.

Educators in the public and private sectors as well as those in Christian schools and churches can use this program; a tool that will give educators a road map to teach their students about the motivational gifts.

When children know why they do what they do – what motivates them to respond to life as they do – it is easier for them to appreciate and value themselves, and their friends and peers as well.

This 100+ page curriculum contains 8 modules that help teachers and students discover the 7 motivational gifts.

Activities will identify challenges and aid in the development of each child’s gift.

The GOALS of this curriculum are to:


• Instill a positive self-esteem in your students.
• Discover each child’s predominate motivational gift.
• Help each child understand their unique character traits given by God.
• Help children understand why they are different from their friends.
• Give students a platform to continue learning about their gifts.
• Instill a sense of value for their peers and other humans.


• Help educators understand why the children respond to others as they do.
• Empower educators to better guide their student’s in learning styles suited to their gift.
• Create a more harmonious classroom atmosphere.


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