Color Me Love Coloring Book #1





Color Me Love Coloring Book #1

Coloring is a relaxing exercise for almost everyone, young and old. The Anna’s Friends, Color Me Love coloring book #1 has over 60 illustrations directly reflecting the Anna’s Friends characters in books #1 and #4.

Your child will spend hours coloring dogs, and cats, and people, and flowers, and clothes, and a host of other fun images from the books they have read. Some of the pictures will even be good for posters to hang on your wall.

When you buy this Color Me Love coloring book you will get 2 sets of Crayola crayons to begin creating pretty pictures right away.

But these books are more than coloring books! They have been created to develop your child’s’ cognitive skills.

Each picture has a multiple-choice question from the books. And, there are word finding puzzles at the end of each of the 4 sections.

This Color Me Love coloring book is a great tool for creative development!

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