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Book #5 – Sarah Learns a Lesson $10.95 + shipping
Book #5, Sarah Learns a Lesson, focuses on the motivational gift of teaching. Sarah Sims is a delightful story about how a young girl uses her motivational gift of teaching by creating a three-week book-a-thon for her class.
Her great success is rewarded when her teacher brings Sarah’s favorite author to the school to talk about why she wrote her books, The Henrietta Clever series.
Sarah’s dedication to reading influences the owner of the Green Tree Bookstore into creating a kid’s book corner and let’s Sarah help plan it. Sarah exhibits text book traits of a child with the gift of teaching.
This 190-page+ illustrated chapter book delves into the mind of a child who loves to read and learn. It’s a story of discovery and overcoming, joy and transformation.
Table of Contents for, Sarah Learns a Lesson
1 Mr. Lumpkin and Mrs. Tumbleweed
2 Don’t Burn the Boxes
3 What are we Gonna do with the Christmas Tree?
4 The Book-a-thon
5 Musical Books and Snoop Groups
6 The Class Book
7 Sarah Volunteers at the Library
8 Snow, Snow and More Snow
9 Snowed in with Bobo
10 What Was the Civil War?
11 Sarah Plays with Her Friends, Finally


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