About Anna

Hi Moms and Dads! 

Meet Anna and her Friends

My name is Anna Renee Riley and I really like having lots of friends. Mr. Henderson, our second and third grade school teacher told us we are all born with gifts from God that help us show love to others. They’re called motivational gifts and there are seven of them. Mine is the longest word–facilitator.

Mr. H., that’s what we all call Mr. Henderson, told me the reason I like having a lot of friends and writing notes to myself to plan ahead is because it’s part of my gift. I LOVE to do projects, so I need a lot of friends to get my projects done. Isn’t that cool?
My friends all have gifts too! Hiro is an exhorter, and my best friend, Maria, is a giver. Cayden is really sweet and cries when our friends are sad because she is a mercy person, and Jesse, my cousin, is always helping us, even when we don’t ask for help, because, he wants to serve. Sarah doesn’t play with us sometimes because she’d rather read books and then tell us what she reads. It’s her gift of teaching. Let’s see, that leaves Daniel. Oh yeh. He has a gift of prophecy. That one’s kinda different. But I wrote all about it in my first book, The Assignment.

Thanks for reading,
Love, Anna