Adult Books

Adult Books

Yvonne writes for big kids too!

Are you looking for Inspiration?

For those that enjoy a lazy afternoon with a book of poetry, you might enjoy, And The Angels Danced. Yvonne’s poetry has a spiritual essence that speaks to the soul with words that ask questions like: What makes the angels of heaven dance, what causes Jesus to dance, what makes the Father of life dance, what makes you dance. The reader will be prodded to explore just who we really are in light of the beautiful essence of these stirring poems. May Spirit draw us once more and give us expanded glimpses of our Source in a way that we just fall in love with life…all over again!

Are you looking for Spiritual Growth?

Companion to My Father’s Garden and Seeds for the Soul, My Daily Garden Journal is a 365-day working journal that has been developed for the individual who desires that the Christ within help them grow into the authentic image of who he or she was created to be. It is not meant to be an ordinary journal to simply record thought (although there is ample space for that). Each month carries a theme of concentration. Every other day you are challenged to search the scriptures on the topic at hand to see what truth is revealed. Then, reach inside and search the hidden things of the heart, those things that are only known to you and need not be shared with anyone unless you desire it so. There is additional space provided that lets you record what you have learned and how you feel yourself growing as a result of digging deep in your soul and planting the “truth” seeds that will grow in your heart.

Are you looking for Fiction Stories?

The story of A Dance for Bethany (Ruby) began in 2004 when Yvonne set out to write her first novel, not knowing that the story she would write would end up being a true story. A Dance for Bethany was ultimately produced as a 4-time award winning feature film about a 12-year old runaway forced into stripping and prostitution, then rescued out of the life of slavery and restored to fulfill her dream of becoming a real dancer. The film is PG-13 and suitable for children as young as 9 or 10 to watch with their families. One 9-year-old girl tugged on Yvonne’s shirt at the premier and said, “Yvonne, I loved it. We need to know about this. I’m going to tell all my friends about A Dance for Bethany.
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And the Angels Danced
A collection of poetry: As in the lyrics of the finest ballads and spirituals, nothing can lift one to a...
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Forgiveness: The Missing Link to Wholeness
Christianity has become an institution that has split into a multitude of diverse beliefs, so much so, that it often...
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Getting to Know God Through the Power of Prayer
When we first enter a walk with God it is natural that we don’t know what prayer is much less...
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Love Is: A Unifying Force
Depending on how interactive we are with others, whether on the job, in our volunteer work, at church or school,...
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My Daily Garden Journal
This 365 day working journal is a great tool for women’s (or men’s) groups to utilize as a joint study....
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My Father's Garden: A Tribute to Step Fathers
There are multitudes of books written on self-image that are not necessarily causing the reader to understand the “God-image” that...
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Ruby: Secrets of a Wounded Soul
Ruby, begins in the summer of 1965 as she takes us on a journey with the flamboyant and carefree Candace,...
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Seeds for the Soul
Seeds for the Soul, is a collection of inspirational and thought provoking reflections that stir us to revisit our ideologies;...
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Slaves of a Different Kind
Once we realize our potential to love the way God does and embrace it, when we commit to fulfilling that...
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There's a Flower in the Garbage
This is Yvonne's BEST SELLING BOOK - Life principles that pertain to spiritual growth. Book Summary: The great teachers of...
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