Why Spend Time Discovering My Child's Motivational Gift?

Apr 27 , 2018

Yvonne Williams

Why Spend Time Discovering My Child's Motivational Gift?

Two weeks ago, I completed an 8 week class for women to discover their motivational gifts. It was an awesome experience! One of the ladies who went through the entire course told me at the end, "This should be mandatory teaching for every parent!"

Wow! Of course, I agreed with her! To know that she not only discovered her own motivational gift but understood the value of this rarely taught topic truly touched my heart and rekindled the fire I've had for such a long time; that parent's would indeed see the value in discovering what their children's motivational gifts are.

One of the ladies said this: "I can only imagine how different my life would have turned out had I understood as a child why I reacted to others the way I did. I could have been spared much disappointment and heart-ache. Now that I do understand, I can accept who God made me to be and work on the specific issues related to my gift; not see them as negatives, rather a gift from God. I feel that I can begin to manage my relationships better. This has helped me understand others better and why they do what they do!"

So, you may be wondering, What are these motivational gifts and why all the excitement? Read the rest of the post here.

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